Concrete Games

Sdee & Dave

In 2015, Thomas Rougeron and Corentin Derbré conceptualize a video game concert and develop it to play it at the Stunfest 2015. Experience is rudimentary, only a few music elements control elements of the game. Since then, a year has passed and the duo became a trio with the arrival of Mathieu Labelle. The project becomes a live performance where the players and musicians perform a theatrical play, manipulate the video game with amazing controllers, where the game and the music communicate with each other completely and totaly. In summary, the game can only exist by the live performance of music and music can be completed only by the performance of the players.

  • Team: Corentin is an Unreal Engine developer and 3D artist. Thomas is a musician and sound designer. Both develop video games together, like MacGuffin (2nd Indie prize at Stunfest 2015). They associate in 2015 with Mathieu Labelle, game designer and Unreal Engine developer, with whom Thomas has worked on the video game Wondershot (Playstation 4, Xbox One, Steam). Together they decide to develop the formula SDEE & Dave and fthey found the playful video creation studio Concrete Games.

  • The game: It is specially designed for live performance. It is a Shoot em up game, taking several aspects and mechanics during the concert. As a tribute, the game is a journey through the history of this style around a wacky narration as Concrete Games knows so well how to do.

  • Music: electronic and eclectic, it is dynamic and concert oriented. It sets the pace of the game and its difficulty. Inspired by multiple artists, it is modern and has design-oriented sounds.

The development of this concept comes from the desire to make a live video game, theatrical and collective, as well as to create an explicitly represented music.

The aim is also to allow the player to become a performer on stage and do a performance like the superplayers. It is also made to raise the usually technical role of the developer and the pleasure of the player to an artistic field.

The ambition of the project is that it is rare to see someone play a game at a concert, and the experience we offer increases the interest of the concert and adds a narrative through the progression of the game.

It is important for us that music is played in a fun and interactive media.